Powering Africa's
Energy Future

We focus on the entire oil and gas value chain, creating sustainable energy solutions. Join us on this journey towards a brighter Africa.

We are a leading player in the Energy Space in West Africa.

We assist our customers to achieve their desired energy solutions outcome in the most efficient, effective and cost friendly manner. Our Operations is built by developing & applying innovative thinking to provide services in the Oil & Gas space.

Our Vision

Being recognized as the one of the leading pioneers for innovative and forward-thinking energy solutions in Africa.

Our Mission

Committed to delivering reliable, dependable and creative energy solutions by leveraging on technology, our global network and innovative thinking for maximum value to our clients.

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join the success

We aim to impress in African energy with cutting-edge operations in oil and gas

While we are committed to all the sectors in the energy space, our strategy is to organically build from downstream sector then kick start a diversification exercise into other sectors.
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Community Relations & CSR

We recognize the vital role that community relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) play in our operations

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We recognize the importance of managing environmental risks associated with our operations


We value our host communities, environment, safety/health of staff and partners,and the wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Our safety procedures incorporate all aspects of HSE and are based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and the UK Health and Safety Executive HS (G) guidelines for effective safety management and environmental standards.
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Our Operations

At Vrosk Energies, we are passionate about the African energy sector and are committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions to our clients. With our deep understanding of the core business drivers in the industry, we leverage new technology, African expertise, access to capital, and key partnerships to provide cutting-edge operational delivery across the entire oil and gas value chain.

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I believe that the key to delivering sustainable energy solutions is to marry innovation with pragmatism.
Kehinde Adams
MD/Director Trading